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Las Vegas Hotels

The shiny desert oasis we know today as Sin City and the Entertainment Capital of the World has modest roots. As a new railroad town in 1905, Las Vegas was for decades just a rest stop for military convoys and migrant workers on the way to California. The tide began to shift however, with the dedication of the Hoover Dam in 1936. Tourists began to visit the area for the first time. The subsequent decision to legalize gambling in the state of Nevada altered the fortunes of Las Vegas forever.

From the moment Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel inaugurated the now-iconic Las Vegas Strip on December 26, 1946, the former desert stopover has become the fastest-growing city in America. Now at 1.8 million people strong, the bright lights of Las Vegas, visible from space, serve as a beacon to tourists from all over the world.

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Miami Hotels

Miami beams with year-round sunshine which holidaymakers find irresistible during winter! It is the second largest city in Florida and home to multiple ethnicities. As such, the city invigorates with its lust for life as seen in its golden beaches, exciting restaurants, fantastic shopping and latin-flavoured culture.

Apart from its reputation as a party town, there are other features toasting to Miami’s fame. Food and shopping are a class act. The well-preserved buildings at the Art Deco district offer unique architectural highlights while Little Havana is suffused with Cuban colours as Spanish is a dominant language and cigar-rolling is very much a thriving business.

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Boston Hotels

Boston is a handsome and complete city, with a full spectrum of attractions for the whole family. Beantown is equally comfortable as an intellectual university town, blue-collar plebeian hub, financial center, cradle of culture and historical city.

The foremost urban center in the state of Massachusetts and the entire New England area is a popular destination. The city is incredibly suitable for tourism, with world class museums, parks, restaurants, sports teams and landmarks within easy access of each other. Today the former 17th century Puritan colony and site of infamous American Revolution activity welcomes over 16 million visitors a year.

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LA Hotels

A bona fide world capital, Los Angeles, the city they call La-La-Land elicits endless curiosity. A considerable enterprise to undertake and despite vast proportions, Los Angeles has ample charm in small urban enclaves.

Beneath the marquee idol looks and shiny veneer is a seamy, yet affable underbelly. The sum total is a magnet for intrepid travelers.

With ethnic pockets, superb cheap eats, architecture, nightlife and enough heady glitz and glam to make your head spin, Los Angeles is a veritable amusement park, with a depth that seldom makes the final cut in tourist brochures. And with attractions like Universal Studios in Hollywood and Disneyland nearby it’s always going to be a huge hit with the kids too.

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Seattle Hotels

Seattle Hotels

Welcome to Seattle, WA! Blue water surrounds the Emerald City of Seattle. Cupped between the jagged Olympic Mountains to the west and the volcanic peaks of the Cascade Range to the east, Seattle sits on a narrow strip of land between Puget Sound and 18-mile-long Lake Washington. Frequent rains keep Seattle cleaner than most other cities of similar size.

We offer great rates on over 50 hotels in the heart of Seattle. All of our hotels have been approved by AAA and the Mobile Travel Guide, the authorities in hotel inspection. All hotels offer a generous savings off of regular hotel rack rates. Book securely online for great rateon hotels in Seattle’s downtown district!

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Hotels that Allow Pets in New York

If you are hesitant about travelling because you don’t want to leave your pet behind, you should consider bringing your pet with you. Travelling with a pet is no longer an issue with our Pet-friendly hotels search engine.

Travelling to New York can bea treat for you and your pet as the Big Apple is one of the most pet friendly cities in the world, whether you are just taking a walk through Central Park or going out shopping, your pet will enjoy the trip just as much as you do.

Finding a hotel near the area you want to visit should not be a problem with our powerful Pet-friendly hotels search box, just enter the city of your choice and you will get a list of Pet-Friendly hotels with all the same features you would find on our main site.

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