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Premium Turnkey Auction Website Business

This is the Advanced Professional Version of our Turnkey Auction Website Business!


Feel free to try out the site via the link below. This is only a demo site and no orders will be processed.



New Admin Features:

  • Wanted Ads - This allows users to post what they are looking for! You can charge fees for the priveledge to post a wanted ad.
  • Custom Listing Fields - You can customize the site to your niche market, add custom fields to all selected categories.
  • Vouchers - Offer incentives users the voucher system.
  • Stores - Allow users to open their very own store on your auction site. Setup store packages to attract bulk business users.   
  • PayPal integrated checkout - Buyers and sellers with a PayPal account can seamlessly conclude the sales of items. 
  • Custom Listing Fields - You can now quickly and easily add new custom fields for sellers to use when listing. For example if you want to run a coin website you can add custom fields for the condition, year, mint, etc...
  • Full Admin Area - Gives you full control over the web-site.  You can lookup a user, manage auctions, check live auctions, and much much more.  
  • Multiple Payment Modules - PayPal, 2 Checkout, World Pay, Nochex, Ikobo or ProTx.
  • Private Or Public Site - Choose to run your site as "Private" or "Public". Private ensures only you and your selected users can list items for auction. The public option is the default selection, i.e. everyone can sell & bid.
  • Preferred Sellers - Give your best sellers discounts on listing fees.
  • "Pay As You Go" or Account Mode - Charge fees either on demand (Pay as you go) or allow users to build up an account which they pay off once a month (like eBay).  You can set a credit limit, offer a signup credit incentive and even invoice users at any time.

STANDARD FEATURES v1.0, v2.0, and v2.2:

User Features:

  • Customizable HTML templates for easy design changes
  • MySQL database back end for admin control over data
  • HTML editor for listings
  • Uploading of photos and URLS
  • Sell page 'PREVIEWS'
  • Complete search function which searches entire database for products
  • The display of current users and current auctions
  • New user registration
  • Users login/logout
  • "Forgot your password?"
  • User defined usernames/passwords
  • Password retrieval via email
  • Free bids for registered users
  • SELLER'S FEE!! (% of sale)
    by PayPal
  • PROXY BIDDING! (or not!)
  • Email notification of bids
  • Auctions: User defined Item descriptions
  • Users can upload pictures
  • Reserve prices, minimum bids
  • View bid history
  • Auction Displays: Displayed seller name and information
  • Auction 'AUTO-RE-LISTING'
  • Displayed quantity of items
  • Ability to send auction to a friend
  • Browsable categories
  • Displays the last created auctions
  • Displays the Highest bids
  • Displays Auctions ending soon
  • Help system (customizable)
  • News system (customizable)
  • Currency formatting options
    ( Keyword(s) entered to search new listings)
  • Seller's Black List!
  • Seller's Invited Buyers List!
  • "Remember me" option on login
  • eBay like feedbacks
    on sold items only!
    English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Admin Features

  • Password protected admin program
  • Changeable currency labels for use in different countries
  • Configuration of admin e-mail address
  • Configuration of categories
  • Configuration of countries table
  • Configuration of payment methods
  • Configuration of auctions duration
  • Configuration of bid increments
  • Edit/Delete/Suspend Users
  • Edit/Delete/Suspend Auctions
  • Add/edit/delete Help System topics
  • Add/edit/delete news
  • Home page categories sorting
  • eBay-like feedbacks and membership levels
  • Page background management
  • Banners Management System
  • Multilingual admin support

Turnkey and all setup Auction Website Business, customized to your preferences.

Have you ever wanted to have your own profitable Dot Com business? Well now you can with this awesome turnkey money making website. Just check out the features below. Contact us if you have any questions.

The auction site is one of our most popular web sites that allows you to set up your own paid auction site like ebay. The site is PHP/my SQL and runs on cron jobs for full automation. The admin area features all aspects of user and site control from account moderation payment options and advertising features.

In addition, our auction site features multi currency support and payment processing support from PayPal, Stormpay and 2Checkout all moderated in the admin area, which also allows you to pick which payment processors you wish to use and set processing fees.

All scripts are included to run your own high traffic auction website!

Own your share of the BILLION DOLLAR auction industry today!

Estimated monthly revenue example of $3100
with only 20 auctions per day.
Daily Sales
Monthly Revenue
Auction listing

This first class fully developed professional website can be YOURS - start making money TODAY!!! This site will be up and running and ready to go within 7 days of domain registration. You dont need any programming knowledge, you dont need any inventory, you dont need to invest ANY money in this business at all (other than your monthly hosting and whatever marketing you choose to do). So what do you have to lose??! We include submitting the site to all the major search engines for you. Just add some pay per click or banner advertising to kick start your business and you will be generating income right away!

How much would it cost you to have a site like this custom made? If you have never looked into it before...thousands of dollars!

And how often can you get into a business with so little financial investment or risk PLUS not have to shell out large sums of money for inventory?


  • Registration of the domain name of your choice.
  • FREE 30 Days of Web Hosting thereafter hosting will be billed in advance every 30 days for a very competitive $7.99 per month 1 yr of FREE Hosting is included for a limited time! This is our Professional Hosting Package with plenty of disk and bandwidth transfer space!
  • ONE  (1) License for us to install and setup this site onto your domain.
  • A complete turnkey operation. No training needed - you will be up and running the first day!!.
  • Full Priority 24/7 E-mail support for as long as you are hosted with us.

* Purchase of this site includes purchase of a unique license to operate this. We do NOT sell this site or setup without a valid license included as part of the purchase. If you have questions on this, please contact us *