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Domain name

Other providers will setup a store under their own domain such as:

They simply use you as a marketing tool to promote their own business... 

With TurnkeyNation you receive your very own FREE domain name. So you can have your very own brand name online business like:

So you will be the full and sole owner of the domain and promoting your own business not the provider's business.

Storefront Feature

Very limited features for each storefront. Very often requires dealing with complex code to make changes.

Very basic functionality...not good for viable longterm success.


Full Feature Set. Ability to run the entire site from a user-friendly control panel.

Growth for longterm success in mind. Advanced Features such as Coupon codes, Gift vouchers, Affiliate Program, Purchase without creating an account, automatic meta tags for higher search engine rankings and much more is included in our systems we build. These are just a few of the types of features which will increase longterm success of your business.


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Very little to No SEO or bad SEO

Proven SEO ability. Keywords, Meta tags, SEO based url's. We know how to properly do SEO and ensure high website search engine ranking scores.

Search Engine indexed guaranteed!


Monthly fees, long term contract.
A custom website design could easily cost you $1000-$2000 or more.

FREE Domain.
FREE 1 Year Hosting.
NO Contracts.
NO Penalties.

Product Sourcing Control Suppliers are actually middlemen. You never know who the true supplier is. This results in delays and higher costs for you. We refer you directly to the source or dropshipper. There is ZERO middlemen. All sources have been verified by us as the most respectable and legitimate suppliers for their respective industry. You are 100% in full control of your product sourcing and your business.
Online Payment Process Very few payment systems. New payment systems are not added. Payment goes to supplier before it goes to you.

PayPal payment is ready.

10-15 of the most popular payment modules are pre-integrated into your site..New modules are added free of charge!
You collect the payment directly yourself!

Product Catalog Supplier limits you to how many products or images you can load to your site. Unlimited products and images!
Product and image loading You receive an empty store, one where you have to import the product and image data by yourself. This can be a very time consuming job to finish. We have agreements in place with the dropshippers and we load products and images into your store, the product inventory and images are updated constantly and automatically. Depends on your dropshipper's product update frequency. (*)
Ongoing Support Little to No Support. Each support request may incur high fees or additional maintenance costs.

Support for your website/hosting  is included in the purchase!

You can ask as many questions as you need through our helpdesk system!

We care about our customers and ensure they are satisfied and have a viable profitable business.