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Puppy Dog Adsense Website

Puppy Training Website - Adsense / Ebay Affiliate / Clickbank Website Business!



Feel free to try out the site via the link below. This is only a demo site and no orders will be processed.


There are 3 Sources of Income for this website!

  • Google Adsense - The google ads have been placed in strategic locations throughout the site for maximum clickthrough rates! Content rich articles deliver extremely targeted ads and keep your customers browsing your site looking for more information. You can earn hundreds per month just from the google ads alone!
  • Clickbank - A custom designed banner has been added promoting a very successful clickbank product. This product is targeted towards users looking for information on how to train their puppy. Earn a very generous 75% commision for any sales made through this site!
  • Ebay Affiliate - The website has an online store promoting Puppy Training products from ebay in real-time! You can also earn a ton of money from interested customers clicking on the ebay products and then bidding or purchasing on the items.


The site has been specifically designed to acheive maximum profit potential!

This website will come professionally developed and Search Engine Optimized!

Purchase includes domain of your choice, and professional logo/header will be designed to reflect your URL!

First 30 days of hosting are included as part of the purchase!

There are literally millions of new puppy owners in the US alone.  Millions of dollars are spent each and every day on the puppies and related supplies.  This unique business opportunity focuses on this market and the large number of folks looking for information on how to train their puppy.

We will register the domain name of your choice and then build the site onto the domain. Once the site is complete, we will transfer the domain into your name. To transfer the site into another namecheap account is FREE. You will receive the entire website, domain name, and all rights to the website as part of your purchase.

You will be the 100% Full Owner!


Statistics for this website :

New puppy owners looking for information on how to train their puppies is huge! This is a very in demand niche segment. Act now to jump in and get your piece of this untapped market! 

In August alone, there were well over 500,000 searches on puppies, puppy training, and dog training. (see right side) This doesnt even include the millions of broad searches done monthly for specific breed searches.

The traffic and profit potential for this site is HUGE!

And best of all, the articles and information on the site are specifically designed to encourage the users to click on your adverts!


Searches done in August 2005
Count Search Term
 363271  puppy
 55122  puppy training
 50011  cute puppy
 36054  puppy picture
 114620  dog training


The entire website is automated! You dont have to do anything other than promoting and advertising your business!

Use the website to promote affiliate banners, sell advertising space or promote your own websites through banner advertising and emailing to members.

Our sites are professionally designed and programmed by a group of top designers and are custom made one at a time. The software is entirely self-contained, on your own server. It is not an "affiliate" of another site. This website is a premium website programmed in PHP and MySQL. You keep 100% of the profits!

This first class fully developed professional website can be YOURS - start making money TODAY!!! This site will be up and running and ready to go within 7 days of domain registration. You DONT need any programming knowledge, you DONT need any inventory, you DONT need to invest ANY money in this business at all (other than your monthly hosting and whatever marketing you choose to do). So what do you have to lose??! We include submitting the site to all the major search engines for you. Just add some pay per click or banner advertising to kick start your business and you will be generating income right away!

How much would it cost you to have a site like this custom made? If you have never looked into it before...thousands of dollars!

And how often can you get into a business with so little financial investment or risk PLUS not have to shell out large sums of money for inventory?


  • Registration of the domain name of your choice.
  • FREE 30 Days of Web Hosting thereafter hosting will be billed in advance every 30 days for a very competitive $7.99 per month 1 yr of FREE Hosting is included for a limited time! This is our Professional Hosting Package with plenty of disk and bandwidth transfer space!
  • Complete license to website design, graphics, and programming. (valued at over $2000)
  • A complete turnkey operation. No training needed - you will be up and running the first day!!.
  • Full Priority 24/7 E-mail support for as long as you are hosted with us.

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