Marketing Tips

A very common question we are asked is, once my site is up and running how do I get traffic or visitors? And/or do you guys assist me with marketing or promoting my site?

With every purchase we include our own detailed advice/tips how to most effectively promote and market your website. We provide you the exact same advice that we ourselves use to market. Additionally, all current customers receive access to our help desk, where you can access our knowledge-base, articles, and best of all open tickets for help at anytime. So if you need additional information on how to market your site, simply open a ticket, and one of our friendly techs will respond back with a detailed answer specifically catered to match your concerns or niche marketing tactics.

To give you a very brief overview on some basic promotional tips, see below. Again, these are very basic tips, our customers will receive access to much more effective and useful information.

  • One trick to drive traffic to your new web store is through your email signature. Your email signature is a powerful tool. Friends and family naturally forward humor and other helpful links to their friends and co-workers.These in turn forward it to a few people that they know. It snowballs into one email being sent to virtually hundreds of people in a very quick amount of time. All
    you had to do was send the original non-spam email. Go through your email host and account to find the selection for email signature. On the signature put a friendly little note and click here link that goes directly to new web store. You will be amazed at how many people will now know that you’re on the Internet and visit your site.
  •  Post flyers in your community. You can post simple flyers that have your new web store address and cute message on it. Many people will visit out of curiosity. Just check with local business owners before putting flyers on others autos. You don’t want to make anyone mad with your advertising. You can also check with store owners, community centers, libraries, colleges and even religious facilities about posting a small flyer about your new web store. Many will not mind a bit and you can often do this for free.
  • Have a bumper sticker made with your new web store information. Put this on the back of your car bumper. Ask friends and families if you can have one made for their cars as well. If people are worried about glue or permanence, you can have customized magnetic bumper stickers made that are temporary. This will keep cars from having permanent stickers or getting glue damage to make it more likely that others will be willing to have one placed on their car. Cars are a terrific way to advertise your new web store to others. Many people will memorize or write down the web address to visit out of curiosity. Once you have the traffic there, your products will virtually sell themselves.
  • Join a manual surf program. These programs give you traffic credits based on the number of sites that you manually surf. There are many times that people are reading the pages that they are surfing. The next thing you know, they’ve seen your new web store several times and end up visiting again out of curiosity or because they have an interest in your wellness products. For either reason, you are driving traffic to your site that is real people that naturally want to know what it is that your new web store has to offer.


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